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We prescribe comprehensive “financial treatment plans” that help dentists, health experts and people from all walks of life make the most of life’s every opportunity.


Here’s Our Story —

And Our Testimony

Today, Mart McClellan is president and partner of Macro Wealth Management and a successful orthodontist. Some three decades ago, though, he was a fledgling dental specialist trying to find his way financially and professionally.

After spending thousands of dollars in the early 1990s on financial planning advice that left him with both elemental and emotional voids, Mart was introduced to Tim Streid by a dental colleague.

Tim has been Mart’s personal advisor ever since. Mart and his family have experienced firsthand what Tim’s powerful wealth-building process is all about: Custom, disciplined strategies that help people accumulate, preserve and enjoy their money and assets.

Mart officially joined forces with Tim in 2002 so the two could share the same information that transformed Mart’s life with other dental and health professionals.

Today, those professionals comprise the vast majority of Macro Wealth’s client base.

Eager to learn more or start working with Tim and Mart on your own Financial Treatment Plan?

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Your Retirement Smile

The Treatment Plan for Pay-Cut Prevention In Your Golden Years

What if there was a way to retire knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that your finances could sustain the life you envision? In their retirement planning book, "Your Retirement Smile: The Treatment Plan for Pay-Cut Prevention in Your Golden Years," Tim Streid and Dr. Mart McClellan show you what it means to plan for your financial future with the big picture in mind.

Tim and Mart's methods are based on economic principles and proven to give greater, holistic returns than traditional financial plans. Stop settling for boilerplate financial plans and mediocre returns, and start implementing true wealth accumulation techniques. Take the first step toward reaching your maximum financial potential and discovering a retirement that will leave you with a nonstop smile.


Bottom line, I just want people to enjoy life without fear. Regardless of what’s going on with the financial markets, changing tax laws, runaway inflation, lawsuits, unexpected family events, premature deaths, disability — they know that no matter what happens, life’s going to be OK, and they can enjoy it without fear.”

— Tim Streid, president